Amazing Kiwi Fruit !

kiwi fruit kiwi fruit 2It is said that 100 years ago,a headmistress called Isabel from New Zealand took the Kiwi Seeds from China to New Zealand. Because New Zealand’s national bird is the kiwi, and the Kiwi fruit has a brown color and short and less hair which is just like the kiwi bird, so New Zealanders named this fruit “kiwi fruit”.

China is kiwi fruit’s native plant center, and kiwi fruit’s country of origin is China. 83% of the  kiwi fruit are edible portion, and per 100 grams includes Energy 234kj, Protein 0.8g, Water 83.4g, Fat 0.6g, dietary fiber 2.6g, Carbohydrates 11.9g, carotene 130μg, retinol 22μg, thiamine 0.05mg, riboflavin 0.02mg, Niacin 0.3mg; vitamin C 62mg, vitamin E 2 .43 mg, potassium 144mg, sodium 10mg, calcium 27mg, magnesium 12mg, iron 1.2mg, manganese 0.73mg, zinc 0.57mg, copper 1.87mg, phosphorus 26mg and Se 0 .28 μg.

According to studies, vitamin C content inside the kiwi fruit is on the top of all kinds fruits, one kiwi fruit can provide a person more than two times of daily needs of vitamin C, so it is known as the “king of fruits”. Kiwi fruit also contains good soluble dietary fiber, the most striking places as the fruit was it undoubtedly contains a superior antioxidant properties phytochemicals sod, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s study, kiwi fruit’s combined antioxidant index is ranked at the top, just next to prickly pear, blueberries and other niche fruit, but far more than apples, pears, watermelon, citrus and other daily fruit. Kiwi fruit as a representative of the third generation fruit with blueberries and other fruits.

Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C, can strengthen the immune system, and help to heal wound. It is rich in inositol and amino acids, which can relieve depression, replenish nutrients that brain cells consume. It has a perfect ratio with lower sodium and higher potassium, can help human body to recover after burning the midnight oil. Kiwi fruit has more exotic effects to the male white-collar workers, it contains a lot of arginine, can promote blood circulation, enhance sexual performance. For the elderly, kiwi fruit contains almost no fat, but rich pectin and vitamin E, can reduce cholesterol and helpful for heart health. For adolescents and children, kiwi fruit contains amino acids such as arginine, can strengthen brain function and promote secretion of growth hormone. For the beauty ladies, the kiwi fruit is the most suitable diet food. It is nutritious but low in calories, its unique dietary fiber can not only promote digestion and absorption, but also give human body feeling of satiety. Kiwi fruit is the best choice to balance weight loss and nutrition.

Kiwi fruit contains anti-mutant glutathione, can suppress cancer-causing gene mutations. It has the function of retarding liver cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer and other cancer. Kiwi fruit is rich in arginine, can effectively improve blood flow to prevent thrombus formation, to reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular and it also has a special treatment effect of impotence. According Chinese Academy of Sciences’ study showed that the active substance which extracted form kiwi fruit have a strong inhibitory effect for blood glucose levels, is stronger than the positive drug acarbose.

Kiwi fruit as the leader of third generation fruit, is widely accepted and loved in the world.


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