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Founded in 2000, Nice Garlic is a major professional garlic exporter in China. We have our own garlic production base in Shandong, China. We collect, process, pack, store and export many thousand tons of Chinese garlic to the world all year round. Over the years, we have got a worldwide reputation for our brand Pretty Garlic. In March 2010, a decade after its birth, Pretty Garlic is commented by the renowned Fortune Magazine as the “industry’s equivalent of Nike or Coca-Cola”.

China produces 75% of the garlic in the world, according to the FAO. The most famous garlics we supply include: normal white and pure white garlic of Shandong, Henan and Pizhou, high mountain organic purple garlic and single clove garlic of Yunnan. The sizes range from 4.5 cm to 6.5 cm. We ensure the best quality, meeting EEC Cat.1 standard.

We pack our garlic into 10 kg white and color printed cartons or in pre-packed mesh bags . We can also pack them in 20 kg net sacks. We load garlic either in 20′ FCL containers with one door open or in 40′ HQRF reefer containers with temperature and humidity control. We have our own 8,000 ton cold storage warehouse, so we can export garlic year round.

Our garlic products also include various kinds of dehydrated garlic powder, garlic flakes, garlic paste, fresh and frozen peeled garlic, garlic granules, decorated garlic braids, etc. For garlic and garlic products, we can always offer you the most competitive price.

Besides garlic and garlic products, we export a variety of other local agricultural products – such as ginger, chili, spice, peanuts, chestnuts, apples, ginger, pomelos, pears, onions, beans, tomato paste and more.
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“Nice Garlic brand is his industry’s equivalent of Nike or Coca-Cola”.

Fortune Magazine, March 2010

“We can export garlic all year round!”

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