The Legend of The Black Garlic

Black garlic, also called fermented garlic, which with the fresh raw garlic with skin, and put it into the fermentation box with high temperature and humidity to ferment for 60-90 days.


Black garlic has a very high nutritional value, the testing organization’s reports says that: 100g fresh raw garlic has water 63.8g, sugar 7.2g, protein 5.2g, fat 10.2g, calcium 10mg, phosphorus 12.5mg, iron 1.3mg, Vitamin B10.29mg, vitamin B20.06mg, Niacin 0.8mg and Vitamin C 7mg; while 100g black garlic has water 43.6g, calories 1100KJ, sugar 41.4g, protein 10.4g, fat 5.1g, calcium 13mg, magnesium 52mg, Iron 2.1mg, sodium 36mg, potassium 930mg, zinc 1.4mg vitamin B610.726mg, vitamin B20.126mg and niacin 10.048mg, and etc. , so it can be seen that the black garlic has a lower water, fat and a higher trace elements than the fresh garlic, and protein, sugar, vitamins, etc. are at least 2 times higher than the fresh garlic.


Black garlic has a sweet taste, it’s very delicious, you can eat it as a snack or dessert. According the analysis results of the black garlic, the black garlic has more amino acids which is about 2.5 times of ordinary garlic. And the anti-aging and antioxidant efficacy is 39 times of that of ordinary garlic.


All the studies show that the black garlic is suitable for people with the following symptoms: 1, Anemia, iron deficiency, calcium deficiency. 2, Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 3, Cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver index is too high, liver cancer. 4, High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high cholesterol, high blood sugar. 5, Cancer. 6, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease. 7, Stroke, or ear stroke. 8, physical weakness, fatigue, lethargic person. 9, Prostate disease. 10, Diabetic. 11, Easy colds. 12, Who is suffering from menstrual symptoms. 13, Want to keep you young and energetic persons. 14, Immune compromised people. 15. Office staff, people do not exercise. 16, Subhealthy groups. 17, Constipation, diarrhea.


Here is a recipe for you to cook the black garlic, you can try it at home:

1, Spare cooked pasta.

2, Beat eggs, and shred carrots.

3, Frying pan, add a little oil.

4, Add eggs and stir-fry, then carrots andand stir-fry.

5, Then add the pasta and stir-fry with eggs and carrots.

6, Take it out the pan into the plate, and pour the stew beef.

7, Finally add the black garlic and mix well.

black garlic clove Black-Garlic-Paste

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