Magic healthy effects of ginger

Ginger is a food with special flavor, but it is also widely used as a disease prevention medicine . With modern medical science and technology development, people’s understanding of health effects of ginger has become increasingly clear. I wish you could try after  reading this article.

100 grams of ginger contains 9-10 grams of crude protein, fat 0.7 g, fiber 3.8-5.9 g, starch 4.2-8.9 grams of soluble sugar 2.6-8 g, Vitamin C9.81-16.74 mg. Ginger containing 0.25% -3% of the aromatic volatile oil, the oil composition is very complex, mainly ginger alcohol, zingiberene, gingerol and gingerol, etc., early pharmacological tests have shown that isolated gingerol stimulates gastric promote the secretion of gastric juice in the intestine can inhibit abnormal fermentation, promote gas emissions, cerebral cortex, vascular and sports center has stimulant, which can promote blood circulation.

Ginger antioxidants for lard, tea and other animal and vegetable oils have a strong antioxidant effect.

Citric acid, ascorbic acid and tocopherol antioxidants ginger obvious synergies synergy.

Antioxidants ginger extract the most suitable solvent is aqueous ethanol, the alcohol concentration of 50% -80%.

We concluded that the active ingredients of ginger Antioxidants There are many types of phenolic substances is one of a kind.

According to data reported Ginger antioxidants has good thermal stability, security, strong, aromatic smell, can be widely used in oil, meat, aquatic products, biscuits, beverages and other foods, so it is a worthwhile research and development of natural antioxidants.

“Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” record ginger are “warm in the bleeding, sweating, by the wind” and other effects, can treat dampness, the cold abdominal pain, diarrhea, and said, “Jiufu to stink.”

Jin Ge Hong’s “elbow Emergencies” records: In ginger decoction taken orally, can not cure cholera bloating and Yu Tu, want no less than diarrhea disease, called ginger as “spit holy family medicine”;
“Herbal Supplements” in the account ginger are “expelling tune in, go to air, juice antidote to poison” in power; Ming Dynasty, “Introduction to Medicine” stressed: “Jiang, who will use postpartum, with its expelling stasis can also.”

In 12th century, “Ben Cao Yan Yi” describes taking ginger one with the pharynx burning, cold and heat treatable early cough.

In 13th century, Li Gao induction efficacy of ginger are four: “Pinellia, Magnolia’s poison, one also; divergent cold, two also; and fruit with the use, Xin Wen Yi stomach strength, temperature dehumidifiers, three also; and peony with the use of warm and cold, four also. ”

In short, ginger has strong medicinal value that it is extremely good to human health.
Therefore, it is recommended that people should eat s ginger frequently. Ginger can be consumed  in many ways: ginger sauce, pickled ginger, sushi ginger, ginger paste, or ginger wine, ginger tea, ginger soup, ginger rice,  and a variety of foods made with ginger, or ginger seasoning, etc., all have ginger’s unique flavor.and health value, please try whenever you can.

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