Shandong is the biggest plant base of peanut in china,Shandong peanut has the reputation of good quality and low content of aflatoxin and cadmium. We normally supply two types of peanut:

1.Small white sand ,sizes 25/35,35/40,40/50, 50/60,60/70;

2.Traditional big size ,sizes 24/28,28/32, 34/38,38/42.

We usually pack peanut in gunny bags of 50kg net.

We supply peanut in shell as well,size from 7-9,9-11,11-13 or 8-10,10-12,12-14.

We also provide blenched peanut:36/41,41/51,51/61,and 25/29,29/33,35/39.Blenched peanut are packed in vacuumed and oxygen absorbed bags of 12.5 kg net, then 2 bags to be put in one carton.


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