Fresh Pear

China is becoming one of the major pear producer and supplier in world produce market. Most Chinese pears grow in northern China, where the climate and soil are suitable for planting pears and apples. Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi provinces are the main produce areas. As a leading pear exporter, supplier and seller,  we collect Ya pear from Hebei and Shandong province, Su pear from Shanxi province. Ya pear is the main pear variety in China, planted in Jinzhou, Cangzhou and Botou area of Hebei province, Yangxin area of Shandong province. We also have golden pear and crown pear from these areas and fragrant pear from Xinjiang. Chinese pears are famous for being crisp and juicy, sweet with a little sour, China pear is becoming more and more popular on world market. Kingwin Industrial Co., Ltd. has the pear orchard and factory registered in and authorized by CIQ (China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau), we also have Eurep (Global) Gap and HACCP certificate for our pears. Being a pear manufacturer and seller, we select and pack our pears very carefully to guarantee the best quality. Now we ship Chinese pear to over  30 countries East-South Asia, Mid-east, Europe and America.

Place of Origin: China
Packasge: 5kg, 10kg, or 18kg carton within paper tray and socks,
Size: 32/36/40/44/60/80/96
Supply period: August to next May
Min Order Quantity: 1 x 40′ reefer container (22MT)
Payment Term: L/C or T/T
Delivery Time: Within one week after signing contract



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