Honey Pomelo


As a professional China honey pomelo producer, supplier and exporter, we supply Chinese pomelo to Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Africaand Ocenia and so on. China honey pomelo is one type of Pummelo which is produced in Southeast China, and has been planted for over 500 years in china. Pomelo grows in mountains near river, so it is juicy, sweet, and slightly fragrant.   To ensure good quality pomelo, Kingwin Industrial Co., Ltd. has contracted with farmers to palnt thousand of grapefruit trees in Pinhe, Guangxi, and we have been educating and training our staff to be the expert in honey pomelo planting,storing, processing and shipping. Besides the regualr Pinghe honey pomeo, we have also introduced red sarcocarp pomelo to the market and has gained great orders from customers.Please give us a call or email if you need to buy or import China honey pomelo or grapefruit, one of our experienced staff will help to offer you the most competitive price, top quality pomelo and excellent service, guaranteed!

Colors Light green, yellow
Shape Round or Pear shape, good pomelo feels firm and heavy with thin skin
Nutrition Excellent source of vitamin C, fibre, carotene and folate
Harvest Mid of Sep till the Mid of Oct Every year
Supply Season Sep.-Feb. 20 weeks
Storage One month at room temperature or more if refrigerated
Usage For salad or squeezing for juice, good with fish. Also used for adjuvant treatment for diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other diseases
Weight 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg and up per piece
Inner package 1pc/plastic film + mesh bag, with 1 bar code label
Outer package 8pcs/ctn, 9pcs/ctn, 10pcs/ctn, 11pcs/ctn, each carton weighs 12 or 13kg
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