Garlic Braids

Garlic Braids


Garlic braids are also called braided garlic, garlic in braids, used for decoration in some regions, and they also have religious meanings in some countries.

In our factory, we have two ways to braid garlic bulbs: real braids or fake braids: real braids means garlic stems are not cut when farmers harvest garlic, once garlic gets dry, people weave the long garlic stems together to form braid, one braid can have different number and size of garlic bulbs according to customer requirement; fake garlic braids means garlic stems were cut to 3 to 5cm when farmers harvest garlic, and later people weave the short garlic stems with straws to form braids.

Each braid can have different numbers of garlic bulbs, weighs 500g or 1000g, each braid to be packed in a mesh bag, then into 10kg or 20kg carton. Because braided garlic has long garlic stem or straw, garlic has to be fumigated before loading and shipping.

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