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 Organic Garlic



Organic Garlic Label

Organic garlic is planted under natural conditions: no fertilizer, no pesticide, no chemicals are used. In order to ensure the quality of organic garlic, the land were selected after a thorough cleaning, and the garlic seeds are of large size, same color, no insect, no bacteria, no mildew, etc. Organic garlic tastes good and has no side effects from chemicals. It’s produce wonderful flavors and have the beneficial effect to human health. The organic garlic is more nutritious than non-organic garlic. Eeating organic garlic is getting more popular in the North America and Europe, people can benefit from the nutrition but do not worry about the side effects from chemical residue. It can improve the body immunity and eliminate cancer, it also can prevents flu and other transmittable diseases. Our organic garlic is currently sold on markets in many countries across the world. Please contact us for more details of our organic garlic products.


2 Supply period: all the year round
Fresh : early June to September, Frozen : September to next May

3 Sizes: 4.0cm up, 4.5cm up, 5.0cm up,
4 Packaging Detail
packed by mesh bags and cartons10kg/ctn 1kg/bag, 10 bags/ctn 500g/bag, 20 bags/ctn 250g/bag, 40 bags/ctn 1kg/bag, 10 bags/mesh 500g/bag, 20 bags/mesh 5kg/mesh, 10kg/mesh, 20kg/mesh

5 Delivery Detail: 20 days after receive the deposit

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