The carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange or white, or red-white blend in colour, with a crisp texture when fresh. China is the largest producer and supplier of carrots and turnips and accounts for at least one third of the global output, followed by Russia and the United States. As a leading manufacturer, seller and exporter of  Chinese carrot, Kingwin Industrial Co., Ltd.  processes and ships China carrot all year round.  We have plant bases across China, which enable us to harvest carrot most of the year, and our modern temperature control facility can store large quantity of carrot and other produce, so we can supply best quality carrot to our customers all year round. The features and specifications of the carrot are:


1) Washed and polished

2) Intact, firm, and bright red-orange color

3) Good uniformity, solid flesh

4) No side roots, no big cracks, no violet tops, no distortion, no decay, no hail injury, no frostbite,

     no plant diseases or insect pests

5) Weight: 80-150g, 150-200g, 200-250g, 250-300g, 300-350g, 350g up

6) Package: in cartons or plastic bags with a weight of 10kg/ctn, 20kg/ctn or

    50lb/ctn or as Customer’s demands.

 7) Conveyance: 23-27MT/ 40′ HRF


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