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As the leading China ginger producer, supplier and exporter , Kingwin Industrial Co., Ltd. exports Chinese ginger all year round. There are two varieties of fresh ginger we supply: Thin Body Ginger and Fat Body Ginger. In Shandong province China, there are the best climate and thick soil for the cultivation of ginger. Shandong ginger is the best of Chinese ginger and famous all over the world, thanks to the excellent quality control system in our ginger factory, our company is becoming the best Chinese ginger seller and manufacturer in China.

Ginger is planted in April and harvested in October. We load new crop fresh ginger from the end of December or the beginning of next January. Ginger may be kept in good condition for one or two years by farmers, so we can supply ginger all year round. Ginger quality is not easy to control because ginger need to be kept in good conditions with certain temperature and humidity ventilation through our the whole procedure of processing and shipping. Thanks to our serious quality inspection system after many years of experience, our ginger factory has got the certificates of Europe GAP and HACCP. We have cultivated over 400 professional processing workers in our ginger factory to guarantee good quality ginger to be packed and shipped. As one of the most professional exporters for Chinese ginger, Kingwin Industrial Co., Ltd.  is devoting ourselves to better grow, store and process  ginger. Till now, we have built our professional sales and purchases group which are very knowledgeable about ginger. We will try our best to improve our product quality and service and expand our market step and step. As the perfect climate and soil for growing ginger in Shandong, our ginger weighs 250-350 gram per piece, and the weight range we can supply is from 100-150g, 150-200g, 200-250g, 250-350g, 350g and up. We pack ginger in mesh bags of 10kg or 20kg, plastic boxes of 10kg or 30lb. Our ginger is shipped  at the temperature of  40-45F, with humidity 65-70% to keep good quality.

To be the most professional ginger factory, ginger supplier and exporter, provide the most professional service and the top quality products to our customers, this is our final aim.

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