Onion is a very popular vegetable all over the world. Our area has a long history of growing and processing China onion. As an Chinese onion producer,supplier and exporter, we can supply several kinds of onion: yellow onion, red onion, white onion. We are also the manufacturer and seller of single bulb onion, small size onion, pearl onion, shallot etc. The size of onion rang from 3cm to 12cm.We can pack onion in 10kg cartons, 40kg or 50kg gunny bags, orĀ  20kg to 25kg sacks.

M grade 7.5-8.5CM;
L grade 8.5-9.5CM;
LL grade 9.5CM and up

Other than fresh China onion, we also supply dehydrated onion ring, onion slice and onion powder.






















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